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People who want to renovate their kitchen but don’t like the cost can opt for a DIY solution. They can choose to get the accessories and materials from a provider of their choice – say, RRP or Joyce Kitchens, as examples – and do the installation themselves.

Here are the benefits if you decide to DIY your small kitchen renovations.

First, you’re cutting down on installation and labour costs. You don’t need to pay anyone for the work since you intend to do it yourself, saving some money in the long run.

The second is control. You control every detail of the process. Home renovators who know what they’re doing enjoy having that kind of authority, paying attention to all the details. It also means having less potential communication issues.

However, there are limitations. RRP and most other companies, including Ikal Kitchens and Houzz Kitchens, do not provide “full suite” DIY solutions. They can provide the materials, like various grades of marble or stone countertops.

A vast majority of kitchen renovations businesses offer custom, pre-fabricated cabinets, racks, and drawers. These can take away lots of stress. It still leaves all the other details up to you, such as clearing out the work area or selecting new appliances.

Our range of pre-fabricated kitchen accessories comes in some materials. Whether you want one or more types of wood, or something more modern, we have it ready.

Each one is designed for ease of assembly and installation. The instructions are clear and accompanied by easy to follow illustrations, just in case.

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