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Bathroom Lights

Bathroom Lights

We offer a diverse range of bathroom lighting with expert advice on creating both task and ambient lighting for your room.


There are many types available including bathroom ceiling lights, bathroom wall lights, bathroom mirror lights and bathroom spotlights – we will ensure that you find the perfect match for your home.


It’s important to light the room well paying particular attention to the mirrored area of the room, a good brightness of light is normally preferred. Lights should be positioned where the light is bright enough for the task in hand which could be at either side of the mirror, above the mirror or you could opt for pendant lights. Lit mirrors are also increasingly popular and are a great way of placing light exactly where it’s needed most in the bathroom – on your face.


Sunken or recessed spot light fittings are great for a modern bathroom whilst we can also cater to more grander bathroom lights for more traditional homes. Our lighting styles vary in design and colour and include chrome, brass, gold, white, black, LED and pendant options. We have lights suitable for using in family bathrooms, showers as well as en-suite bathrooms. We can even provide chandelier lights for an elegant approach to your bathroom lights.


We offer a choice of stylish, safe and practical lights for bathrooms and if you need some inspiration, simply contact our team who are happy to help with any lighting queries.