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Bathroom remodels can get us all giddy. It’s like getting a brand new bathroom without having to go through the process of moving your family into an entirely new home.

But one of the things you have to remember when renovating is that you should always have a plan. Part of the plan is setting a budget.

Now, this is where it gets hairy.

How much should you set aside for a bathroom renovation?

I understand how this can be very confusing. A bathroom renovation is something we all want and need. It may come to a point where we end up getting carried away. So we get the best fixtures and replace everything top to bottom. That might sound like the bathroom you want but that’s definitely not the bathroom you can afford.

So to help you out, we have outlined a number of choices based on budgets. Note that these budgets aren’t universal and may change from area to area. But we will tell you what you can get with such a budget.

The Basic Bathroom Modernization

Budget: Start with $3,000 to around $12,000

What you can get: You might be surprised to see the $3,000 price tag for a renovation but it’s there for a reason. A lot of people have a little bit of know-how in construction and renovation can just DIY their way to a renovated bathroom. If you do the renovation yourself, the budget is much lower. As for the stuff you get, you won’t get to change the plumbing but you can change the fixtures and other materials in the bathroom with off-the-shelf products you see in most hardware stores. For this kind of budget, don’t expect to get the whole bathroom re-tiled and you can only get the low-end granite for your countertops. As for the cabinets, you might need to refinish them as the budget is too small for you to buy a new one. This budget is great if you already love your bathroom but feel like it needs a bit of update in terms of the fixtures.

The Mid to Upper Range Remodel

Budget: From $10,000 to upwards of $35,000

What you get: The very large range that jumps from $10,000 to $35,000 is thanks to the difference in materials, labor, and project scope that can differ from one project to another. But with this budget, expect sweeter fixtures, new flooring, a complete vanity, framed mirror, proper lighting, and a to-die-for sink. All these things are much better than what you get from the regular hardware store. With this budget, you can even get to change the layout of the bathroom a bit.

The Total Gut Job

Budget: $30,000 to $100,000

What you get: If you really want to spoil yourself and you want a brand-new bathroom then go for this kind of remodel. This is called the Total Gut Job because everything is changed and the orientation might get changed as well. The whole area might be extended as well. It’s like taking the whole bathroom down to make room for a new one. Not really recommended but if you have the money then why not, right?

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