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Getting something new in your home is always an exciting moment. It can be a new gadget or a new set of curtains but the feeling is the same. I guess the only time one can say that the feeling is much greater is when you get a whole new bathroom.

Well, not a “new” new bathroom but a newly renovated bathroom.

Bathrooms are one of the more intimate parts of the house. You share moments with it so when some things change, it’s as if you get a new friend.

But bathroom renovations aren’t exactly as that in the Sims game. As a matter of fact, people make a lot of mistakes when they renovate their bathrooms.

Because we love you so much, we don’t want you to make those same mistakes. To help you out, we have outlined the top 10 mistakes people make when they renovate their bathrooms.



– Admit it, when you are working on something you love you usually get carried away. In the case of a bathroom renovation, you want everything so you get everything and end up overspending. Make sure you already have a plan in mind and a budget before you start so you won’t lose your way.


DIY waterproofing

– So you think saving a couple of dollars will let you get that sweet fixture you want? Not really. Doing the waterproofing yourself is a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t skimp out on it. Get a professional.


Poor ventilation

– Mould likes dark and damp rooms. Your bathroom is already damp so you better make sure it gets ventilated properly so the moisture within the rooms stays at a safe level.


Putting too much in

– Just like a travel bag, a bathroom only needs the essentials. Don’t make the mistake of putting all kinds of stuff in it “because it’s the new thing”. Remember that while your bathroom is your “me” room, you don’t need a laptop table inside.


Poor lighting

– Lighting is everything when it comes to bathrooms. You may have the best fixtures and sweetest-looking tiles but it will not come together if you have poor lighting. Also, a majority of the stuff you do inside your bathrooms require ample light. You wouldn’t want to apply makeup in the dark, right?


Taking out the bath

– This one really depends on what your goal is but removing the bath means you are going to move it somewhere else that’s not your bathroom. That, in itself, is a totally new problem you have to address.


Bad drainage

– A common mistake with people who renovate their bathrooms themselves. They forget that water has to go somewhere when it falls to the floor. Nobody wants a pool of gray water at their ankles when they take a bath.


Getting all trendy

– Sure, that Taylor Swift inspired vanity looks good now but what will you do when she’s not longer the hot thing on Hollywood 2 years from now?


Using porous materials

– Do you want discoloration, rot, and swelling inside your bathroom? Because that’s how you get discoloration, rot, and swelling inside your bathroom.

10.Not having enough storage – So you have the important parts of the bathroom done. Are you missing something? Yeah. It’s the storage. Where do you expect you should put your towels? Your other stuff? Make sure there is enough storage to be used by people who will be using the bathroom.

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