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Not all tiles achieve the same popularity among customers. Some of our products are more popular than others. This can be due to current trends, uniquevariations in their design, or some other reasons. In this section, we showcase some of our favouritetile designs, colours, and selections.

These featured tiles are of high quality and in high demand. They also prove to be a failsafe starting point if you’re not quite sure what you’re after just yet.

Peach-colored, contemporary bathroom tiles are currently in style. These are perfect for a subdued and comfortable personal space. Many of our clients will pair them with white tap ware and fixtures creating a complementary visual scene.

Bamboo tiles are another great choice. These are perfect if you’re searching for a relaxed feel with a touch of simplicity. They are not the best option for the floor, but make great wall tiles.

Glossy brick is also rising in popularity. These tiles are designed to look like brick, with a finish that makes them shine. These are commonly used in dens and living areas. They add a rustic touch to a room and work best with natural lighting.

Patterned tiles are another favourite. These require more careful work and measurement, but the final resultsare well worth it.Getting the right pattern will add some pizzazzto your room! We’ve seen amazing results with these used in bathrooms and other interior spaces.

If your room has dark features, light grey and white tiles are an excellent choice. They provide a visual contrast and make the space more relaxed, without losing the classy touch of black.

Hexagon tiles are best for those who want their bathroom to stand out with its own unique style. These are much smaller than average tiles and come in fewercolours, but are striking because of their uniqueness.

Of course, these are just some of the products we have on offer. There are manymoreto strike your fancy if you are yet to discover your perfect tile. We welcome you to come and visit our showrooms to find the right product for you.

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