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Are you at that point where you need to decide if you want to rebuild, remodel, or demolish? Are you having trouble figuring out which option is right? Give us a moment to help you decide. Making the right call now can help you budget for a possible bathroom renovation cost later.

Let’s leave aside matters such as the budget for now. Bathroom renovations WA will always cost money, but whether it’s the primary consideration or a minor detail will vary from case to case. Let’s poke at the other factors behind the decision.

First, ask yourself if a demolition or remodel is even possible.

In some cases, that kind of extensive work is prohibited. If the home or area has significant historical value, a large-scale renovation is right out. A demolition is even more impossible. The local laws may also prohibit that sort of work on a home past a certain age.

You’ll need to check to be sure. No point in budgeting for bathroom renovations cost, only to learn that you can’t legally have that sort of work done.

Consider, for a moment, how significant the work involved will become.

If you’re looking to make massive changes – such as moving the location of fixtures – then you need to ask yourself if it is economically sound for you. If very little of the original bathroom is going to remain, that means the cost for bathroom renovations WA will be astronomically high.

It will also take a lot of time. You don’t want to be without a bathroom for a significant period. On the other hand, a smaller-scale renovation may eat up less time and leave the space mostly intact.

Does the bathroom still do its job and can you handle your business there in comfort?

If you still use it and need it, demolition is not an option. If you can use it efficiently or in comfort, some renovation might be okay. If the place looks terrible and you want to update the style, again you can renovate.

If for some reason, you have a shower head that’s located too close to a corner or a toilet that’s positioned to block the sink or the door, a remodel is the way to go.

Finally, is the home’s primary structure still able to handle that kind of work?

If the primary structure is old enough or damaged enough that bathroom renovations WA or a large-scale remodel might cause unforeseen damage to the rest of the home, skipping the whole thing is a good bet. A demolition is out of the question.

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