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The process of how to design a kitchen differs between residential and commercial clients. Bussiness kitchens have concerns that home ones do not share. Kitchen layouts for business establishments have needs private ones don’t.

On the client’s end alone, there are various permits and certifications. Health code requirements need to be met or complied with during the renovation.

For those who are asking RRP to do a commercial kitchen renovation for the first time, here is a quick list of things you’ll want to keep in mind. These are considerations that we can help you figure out during the design and building process.

First, you’ll want to have a menu of all the dishes ready. Thisinfo includes the details of the storage and preparation.

Knowing what’s on the menu allows RRP kitchen renovation teams to factor in space, cooking time, and even specialised equipment. Some dishes require more than the standard equipment, and these might take up space. Knowing they’re needed ahead of time is crucial in the kitchen layout stage.

Equipment becomes necessary. You’ll want detailed measurements of the gear used for food prep, cooling, display, storage, and more. Everything has to meet health code requirements as well.

A related question is the nature of the freezer. Do you need a walk-in unit or will the kitchen layout be okay with a free-standing cold storage system?

Take exact measurements of the existing building or space where the kitchen is going. Measurements are useful even in a renovation since the numbers are used as areference for the new layout.

Plans are necessary. Secure blueprints and pinpoint things like electrical wiring, plumbing, and floor drains. Some of these will limit the kitchen design options.

Commercial kitchens Perth need to maximise efficiency while also keeping safety in mind. A disorganised space that requires the staff going from one end to another to get basic tasks done is a disaster. Work should flow smoothly, to serve food quickly.

Finally, make sure that the relevant authorities have reviewed and approved the plans before any construction or renovation work starts.

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